Two venturesome female singer-songwriters, Kim Hill and Paulette Wooten, are the principals of Water The Tree non-profit in Nashville. 

Separately they have both enjoyed success in their music careers Kim, 25+ years, Grammy nominated recording artist with a dozen #1 songs, a #1 CMT and VH-1 video and over 16 cds to her credit. Paulette, 15 years, touring musician, electronic artist, hit songwriter, and an award winning film score composer. 

In 2015, simultaneously, both experienced life changes which caused them to look at life differently and decide exactly how they want to spend their second half.  

Kim a newly “empty nester single mom” of two amazing (19 and 23 year old) young men, found herself in a new position to invest in the lives of the next generation of female artists converging in Nashville. 

Paulette’s sudden loss of her mom to cancer forced her to face the reality that she’d known but never fully embraced… ‘life is short and every minute counts’.  Paulette is a visionary, uniquely gifted to help artists find the gold inside of themselves and polish it for the world to see and hear.  She freely gives of her talents to help enhance others. 

Together in their new Nashville recording studio and writer’s room, Kim and Paulette are creating a safe space for young women to find the professional help they need along their way as emerging songwriters and artists.